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Table 2 Multi-pathogenicity of SAg toxins in human and animal diseases and the application in vaccines

From: Update on molecular diversity and multipathogenicity of staphylococcal superantigen toxins

Diseases or vaccines Associated SAgs (SE, SEl or TSST-1)
Animal diseases
 Bovine mastitis SEC, TSST-1, SEG, SEN, SEO
 Swine sepsis SEB, TSST-1
 Arthritis and septicemia in poultry SEA, SEB, SEC, SEQ
Human diseases
 Staphylococcal food poisoning SEA~SEE, SEH, SE02 etc.
 Soft tissue infection associated TSST-1, SEB, SEC
 Post respiratory viral infection TSST-1, SEB, SEC, SElX
 Purpura fulminans TSST-1, SEB, SEC
 Kawasaki-like diseases TSST-1, SEB, SEC
 Staphylococcal pneumonia SEB, SEC, TSST-1, SElX
 Staphylococcal infective endocarditis SEC, TSST-1
 Staphylococcal sepsis SEA, SEC, TSST-1
 Chronic rhinosinusitis SEA to SEE, SEG to SEO
 Atopic dermatitis SEs, TSST-1
 Staphylococcal nonmenstrual TSS TSST-1, SEB, SEC
 Inflammatory arthritis SEA, SEB, SEC, TSST-1
 Autoimmune diseases SEB, SEC, SED, TSST-1
 Vaccine for Saphylococcus infection Mutant SEC, mutant TSST-1
 Vaccine for food poisoning Mutant SEA
  1. Notes: SAg staphylococcal superantigen; SE staphylococcal enterotoxins; TSST toxic shock syndrome toxin