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Table 2 Twenty-six FCV isolates identified in this study

From: Isolation and phylogenetic analysis of feline calicivirus strains from various region of China

Isolates Clinical status Time Area Genotypes Genbank No.
FCV-ZJ2 ORD 2020 Zhejiang I OM650775
FCV-HB7 Conjunctivitis, ORD 2020 Hubei II OM650776
FCV-HB10 ORD 2020 Hubei I OM650777
FCV-FJ1 Conjunctivitis 2021 Fujian II OM650778
FCV-AH3 Conjunctivitis, ORD 2021 Anhui I OM650779
FCV-LN4 ORD 2021 Liaoning II OM650780
FCV-JL18 Conjunctivitis, ORD 2021 Jilin II OM650781
FCV-HB28 ORD 2021 Hubei I OM650782
FCV-HB29 Conjunctivitis, ORD 2021 Hubei II OM650783
FCV-GX43 ORD 2021 Guangxi II OM650784
FCV-JS143 ORD 2021 Jiangsu I OM650785
FCV-HN183 Conjunctivitis, ORD 2021 Hunan I OM650786
FCV-CQ184 ORD 2021 Chongqing II OM650787
FCV-SC188 Conjunctivitis 2021 Sichuan II OM650788
FCV-YN189 Conjunctivitis 2021 Yunnan II OM650789
FCV-GD190 ORD 2021 Guangdong I OM650790
FCV-SH191 Conjunctivitis 2021 Shanghai II OM650791
FCV-SH192 ORD 2021 Shanghai II OM650792
FCV-HN199 Conjunctivitis 2021 Henan I OM650793
FCV-HB260 Conjunctivitis, ORD 2021 Hubei I OM650794
FCV-GX277 ORD 2021 Guangxi II OM650795
FCV-SD348 ORD 2021 Shandong I OM650796
FCV-SD369 Conjunctivitis 2021 Shandong II OM650797
FCV-HN380 Conjunctivitis 2021 Henan II OM650798
FCV-GD383 ORD 2021 Guangdong II OM650799
FCV-HB384 Conjunctivitis 2021 Hubei II OM650800
  1. ORD oral respiratory disease